Controversial Episodes on ‘Face to Face’ Pre-anniversary Specials

A series of controversial episodes are set to air on TV5’s Face to Face next week.

As part of its pre-anniversary offerings, Face to Face tackles the story of a GRO who unknowingly had an affair with her father and a revengeful househelp who botches her boss’s coffee with her own spit.

For one of its most controversial episodes airing on Wednesday (March 21), Face to Face tackles the issue of a GRO who, apart from being hurled by several women for having an affair with their men, learns in the show that one of her “sugar daddies” is her real father. How does she face this unexpected revelation?

On Friday (March 23), a woman goes berserk upon learning that her househelp puts something more than just creamer and sugar to her usual coffee. Aside from spitting in her coffee, she also learns that her household helper also puts urine in her juice and went as far as rubbing chillies in her underwear. The helper defends herself by claiming that her employer is cruel to her and even feeds her spoiled food. She just wishes for boss to be kinder to her.

Face to Face continues to dig into the unusual but existent domestic problems that Filipinos experience today. With the help of its resident “Trio Tagapayo,” the program seeks to resolve these issues.

Face to Face airs weekdays at 10:30am on TV5.

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