‘Untold Stories Mula sa Face to Face’ – TV5’s Drama Spin-off of the Hit Talakserye

A drama anthology based from true-to-life experiences of people from talakserye Face to Face is set to premiere on TV5.

Fresh from the phenomenal success of one of today’s hottest daytime show on Philippine TV, Face to Face, TV5 is set to bring some of the show’s real-life stories to every Filipino household weekly via Untold Stories. The newest docudrama is told by the well-loved Tiyang Amy ng Bayan, Amy Perez, starting this Thursday, September 9, 8-9 p.m. on TV5’s bigger and bolder “Primetimes5”.

Untold Stories handpicks the most explosive and sensational episodes of the landmark reality-talk show to retell each story from root to tip. It also gathers some of the country’s top actors to give life to genuine characters and stories in their most compelling performances yet.

Judging from her superb handling of the “talakserye” Face to Face, Amy Perez unquestionably has the most difficult hosting task in the industry. And soon enough, TV5 entrusts her the job of telling the back story of every case she used to referee.

“I’m equally happy and honored with the trust they [TV5 management] are giving me,” said Ms. Amy. “The show is like giving back to where I owe my success most: to the public,” she continued. “I’m inviting everyone to watch our show. These stories are issues raised by real people. It could be your story, my story or everyone’s story. You’ll learn a thing or two for sure,” Tiyang Amy explained.

For its premiere titled “Paano Hahatiin ang Gabi?,” Untold Stories recounts the tale of one of the landmark reality-talk show’s most top-rated and controversial episodes, “Kabit na Dikit nang Dikit.” Ms. Dina Bonnevie is Aling Nelly, a reserved wife to her womanizer husband (Mang Denio played by Jay Manalo) who openly kept his mistress (Aling Lisa portrayed by Glydel Mercado) to one of their apartment units. For quite a time, both Aling Nelly and Lisa took turns with the same man, until the legitimate wife gets tired with their setup. She assumed her place and threw the mistress out of their apartment. But while Aling Nelly managed to get Aling Lisa out of her sight, would it be an assurance that they no longer share the same man? The woman’s grief goes on as she discovers that his son Caloy (Carlo Aquino) gets trapped for the similar woman.

Seasoned TV director Argel Joseph directs the drama anthology, while TV and film writer Elmer Gatchalian is the head writer. Untold Stories’ theme song “Tadhana” is performed by Wency Cornejo.

Join Amy Perez as she chronicles every angle of the story in Untold Stories mula sa Face to Face every Thursday night, 8-9pm on TV5.

VIDEO LINK: Untold Stories Mula sa Face to Face Trailer

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  2. …. miss amy perez i am so happy that your respectful network made a very good project from your most watched program(face to face),, the casting of paano hahatiin ang gabi is a vrey goo choice of the staffs

  3. napakaganda ng face to face

  4. TV5 keeps improving


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  6. WOW! CONGRATS SA TV5!!!!!

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