Jessa Zaragoza – ‘Pag Wala na Ang Ulan’ Music Video

The Phenomenal Diva is back! Check out Jessa Zaragoza in the music video featuring one of her strongest records to date, Pag Wala Na Ang Ulan.

“Pag Wala Na Ang Ulan” is the title track of the returning Jukebox Queen’s new album from GMA Records. The Jimmy Antiporda composition sees her embrace a new lease on love in a gentle, piano-driven ballad. It’s a song that drips with sweet optimism, accented beautifully by her signature vocal dips and rolls that made her who she is today.

The music video for the song is directed by Raymund Isaac with videography by Manjo Zalamea and Marlon Salazar.

‘Pag Wala Na Ang Ulan’ Music Video:

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