Pinoy Inventions and Innovations in ‘Matanglawin’ this Sunday

Kim Atienza, together with guest host Teddy Corpuz, discovers gadgets and gizmos invented and innovated by Filipinos this Sunday (July 22) in the multi-awarded educational program “Matanglawin.”

Filipinos are known for their creativity and ingenuity, which is why Kuya Kim and Teddy had no trouble finding young Pinoy inventors who have created devices such as a gadget that can turn off appliances with a missed call from your celphone or a backpack that can also act as a charger using energy from the sun.

Kuya Kim also gets to test inventions and innovations that can literally move people like the battery-operated segway, foldable bike, and jumping stilts.

“Matanglawin” is part of ABS-CBN “Bida Best Kid” campaign launched recently that aims to empower children by encouraging them to become who they want to be and the best that they can be. It doesn’t only entertain and educate its young viewers with its values-oriented, child-friendly programs, but supports their dreams and aspirations as well.
See creative and innovative Filipino minds can get this Sunday (July 22) in “Matanglawin,” 9:15 AM on ABS-CBN. Visit the ABS-CBN Social Media Newsroom (SMN) at for the latest updates, photos, videos, interviews, and presscon podcasts. Follow @abscbnpr on Twitter and ‘like’ it on Facebook at

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