PBB Teen Edition 4 Eight Eviction Night: Yves Flores Gets the Boot

The teen casanova of PBB--Yves Flores--is eliminated from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4.

During the Eight Eviction Night of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4, Myrtle once again topped the final vote standing with 37.83% followed by Pampanga’s Ryan Boyce with 22.20% and Karen Reyes 21.94%. Yves Flores garnered the lowest combined online and text votes, 18.03%, that caused his ouster after surviving the previous 3 eviction nights.

Karen, Ryan and Myrtle join Alec, Jai & Joj and Roy for the final 6.

One eviction night remains before the Big Night on July 7, 2012.

So who will be named winner of PBB Teen Edition 4? Will it be cosplayer Myrtle who holds the record for garnering the highest percentage of votes for this season? Will it be Roy for another “rags to riches” success story? Or will Jai & Joy make Big Brother history by becoming the first twins to win the show?

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