Nikki and Billy Start to Adjust with their Long-Distance Love Affair

Almost a month after her boyfriend, Billy Crawford flew to France to revive his music career in Europe, "Mundo Man ay Magunaw" lead star Nikki Gil shared that their relationship remains strong despite the 'long-distance.'

According to Nikki, she and Billy have somehow begun to adjust in the new setup. Although it is not easy, considering the time difference and their hectic schedules, both of them exert effort to take care of their relationship while they are working hard to succeed in their respective careers. “Billy and I are okay. Yes, it’s hard to be away from each other but we make sure that we keep in touch everyday either through phone calls or Skype,” she said.

Nikki further revealed that her solid family is a big factor with her adjustment to the long-distance love affair that she and Billy have. “I’m blessed to have a complete family. We get to help one another emotionally and spiritually by knowing what to pray for each other,” she said.

Similar to her boyfriend Billy, Nikki’s showbiz career keeps on blossoming. After starring in several theatrical plays and making a mark now as the ‘bida-kontrabida’ in the top-caliber afternoon series “Mundo Man ay Magunaw,” Nikki expressed that she is ready to take on bigger and more challenging projects. “I still want to be the villain but with a bigger twist where I will be required to shift portrayals in a snap,” said Nikki.

To hone her craft as an actress, Nikki continues to aspire to work with some of the most talented actors in the industry. “I’d be happy to be part of a project where I’ll get to work with serious actors with the likes of Coco Martin, from whom I’ll learn so much in terms of acting,” she said.

Also, Nikki said that she is open to go sexy. “If the character will require it, I can do it. But to play a sexy character with a sexy theme to start with, maybe I’ll just leave that to the more professional. Because it also takes a certain talent and skill to be an effective sexy actress,” she said.

Meanwhile, Nikki is excited with the life-changing twists that are about to happen in their afternoon soap that their loyal TV viewers will surely love. “In the story, a lot will be fixed, but many will also be destroyed. When we get to read the script on tapings, even us, the cast, are surprised with the big revelations in the show,” Nikki shared.

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