Jessica Sanchez – ‘The Prayer’ – American Idol 11 Top 2 (Video)

Jessica Sanchez sang "The Prayer" on the American Idol 11 Top 2 show.

Again, no judges thoughts after the performance.

Jessica’s no is 1-866-idols-01 or 03 or 05.


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Watch the video here:

11 Comments on Jessica Sanchez – ‘The Prayer’ – American Idol 11 Top 2 (Video)

  1. Reddstern // May 24, 2012 at 2:28 pm //

    then its really philip who wins AI

  2. Kylamorella // May 24, 2012 at 9:23 am //

    your so great jessica 

  3. Alldway2000 // May 24, 2012 at 6:21 am //

    I Have Nothing and The Prayer are 2 huge songs performed last night by Jessica Sanchez.  Did she deliver?  YES in a huge way!  The 3rd song Change Nothing was ok.  It’s not her fault that the song sucked but she did her best in singing it.  On Philip’s side, I may be bias in saying this but all his songs were just snoozy.  They were all safe.  There was not a single moment there!  Even his last song, Home, despite the applause from the judges was not a good one. The finale was not a showdown coz the 2 artists were totally different.  It made me wished it was a Jessica-Joshua night!   

  4. Virgo Santos60 // May 23, 2012 at 8:43 pm //

    jessica is the best of all among american idol member,,,its hard for her to win. most winners came from southern state . malakas ang votes nila.

  5. the song doen not fit her voice.

  6. I agree with some of your points, I believed it was lame performance night as far as big finale at the big venue is concerned but we have different thoughts as for the 2nd song bcoz I expected her to sing “And I Am Telling You” again. Anyway, sincerely hoping for her to WIN. Sadly I noticed that the Jessica seemed to have lost that sparks in her performances the last 2 episodes. peace

  7. That’s the most important thing there Michelle, you exerted effort to support our very own Jessica may it be  counted or not.

    Thanks kabayan.

  8. Yes, I was thinking also that the song “Everybody has a Dream” was a more fitting song to sing in the finale. Nonetheless, I wish Jessica the best of luck and to all of us her Pinoy and non-Pinoy fans and supporters! May God bless her the AI victory, to GOD be the glory!

  9. well we beleive that jessica won the title..not bcoz of finale performance its all bcoz of her versatility and flawless voice..imagine she is 16 years old..what if , if she going to 18 her voice also stand out in  the universe..

  10. im not sure if Facebook votes still count but im still voting already finish off my 50 votes allocation

  11. Reddstern // May 23, 2012 at 11:29 am //

    i thought it was a FINALE…a showdown… was not….1st song i have
    nothing is not the best song to sing in a finale…jessica did
    good…but she lacked showmanship…2nd song the prayer….she did good
    as well but i was not thrilled….3rd song…judges thought it was a
    song writing competition..jessica did good but again…it was not a song
    to sing a finale….  the whole show was kinda boring….jessica should have
    sing everybody has a dream or love you i do….she made a big mark
    singing love you i do with her moves and attitude singing that
    song….and im sure audience would go crazy if that was the song she

    Philip did a safe performance sticking to his style…his last song HOME
    is a finale song…with a wow factor….if philip wins tomorrow coz of
    his style and coz of the last song…as for jessica, she did good…

    before the performance night….i think jessica got the chance 70 over 30 percent to philip to win AI.

    after the performance night…. jessica has 45 versus 55 to philip…

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