Coca-Cola Philippines’ 100th Year Anthem ‘Tuloy’ Promotes Positivism

The theme song for Coca-Cola Philippines' 100th anniversary invokes stubborn optimism.

The song “Tuloy,” Coca-Cola Philippines’ 100th year anthem, is interpreted by Popstar Princess
Sarah Geronimo, Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano, and rising star

The collaboration of the three music sensations for the said anthem is awesome and inspiring. This is the kind of team-up we seldom see and hear but when it’s made possible, the impact lasts for a long time.

As for the song “Tuloy,” the melody is infectious. It exudes a positive vibe which is perfect for the lyrics
that says:

Tuloy lang ang saya
Tuloy lang ang ligaya
Tuloy lang talaga
Kaibigan at pamilya
Iwanan na ang lungkot
Iwanan na ang inis
Basta’t habang naririto ako
Tuloy ang happiness

The message of the anthem conveys hope, joy and encouragment. It can inspire the listener to believe that happiness is achievable despite all the challenges that may come his/her way.

So are you feeling down, low-spirited and discouraged? Why not download “Tuloy” here and play it on your music player. Or you can also watch it on YouTube! I’m sure that your mood will change after listening to the song.

Watch the music video here:

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