‘E-Boy’ Shares Filipino Values on Primetime TV

ABS-CBN's top-rating drama series “E-Boy” continues to win the hearts of the viewers not only because of its unique story, but also with the Filipino values that it shares every night on primetime TV.

Audience are hooked by the exciting adventures of E-Boy and Miyo, portrayed by Kapamilya child stars Bugoy Cariño and Deydey Amansec, and the life lessons they impart along the way like the value of respect for elders, hard work, honesty, forgiveness, and selfless love.

Meanwhile, the plot thickens now that Gabriel (Ariel Rivera) and Miyo know that Ria (Agot Isidro) is under the custody of Miguel (Jomari Yllana). Will the truth about the tragic car accident finally be revealed? How will E-Boy/RapRap and Miyo protect their family from serious harm?

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