Pauleen Luna Rumored to be Pregnant After Collapsing on National TV

Pauleen Luna lost consciousness on Monday, February 13, while hosting an Eat Bulaga! segment in San Juan, Davao City.

While remotely hosting “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment with Allan K, Pauleen Luna lost consciousness and it was seen on national television.

Pauleen and Allan were interviewing a contestant in Davao while talking with Vic Sotto, who’s at the studio, when the incident happened.

Vic Sotto halted the segment temporarily as Eat Bulaga! went off-air leaving GMA-7 (caught off guard) flashing confusing plugs on the TV screen.

After the break, Sotto put Allan K on air to explain what exactly happened to Pauleen. The comedian pointed out that Pauleen was at his house since 2 AM before they headed for Davao so lack of sleep was probably the reason for the collapse.

But Vic Sotto himself could have ignited the pregnancy rumor because he asked Allan K if Pauleen was actually craving for something sour, a usual question being asked to suspected pregnant women.

And if you’ve been living under a rock, Pauleen Luna is being rumored as Vic Sotto‘s newest flame since December last year.

In a report by Sotto’s ex–Pia Guanio–in 24 Oras, Pauleen was said to have been rushed to the nearest hospital after she collapsed. She also reported that lack of sleep, overfatigue and hot weather in Davao during that time were the reasons why Luna lost consciousness.

Video courtesy of TheAnimalSounds

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