Kuya Kim Makes a Career in ‘Matanglawin’

From being a weather reporter for “TV Patrol” to “Showtime” co-host, and being the country's well-loved 'Trivia King,’ Kuya Kim Atienza goes on a career shift this Sunday (Feb 5) as he tries out working along the railways and dirty market in another exciting episode of “Matanglawin.”

Join Kuya Kim as he braves the perils of one of the oldest and unique forms of transport in the Philippines—the padyak or trolley.

With the communities along the tracks, the Philippine National Railways (PNR) do not only deal with trains, but with trolleys as well which already became a staple means of transportation. How would Kuya Kim deal with not only driving the trolley but also removing it when an incoming train heading straight at him?

If you think railways are dirty and busy, wait until Kuya Kim tries out the life of a ‘kargador’ in the hustle and bustle of a wet fish and meat market. His strength and skill will be tested as he is tasked to carry loads of fish and meat, and even carve out ice to keep them fresh.

Meanwhile, “Matanglawin” was recently recognized as the Best Educational Program in the 2012 UPLB Gandingan Awards, while Kuya Kim was given two distinct special awards for his advocacies in education and nature—the Gandingan ng Edukasyon and Gandingan ng Kalikasan.

Over the past years, viewers have witnessed the bold and daring side of Kuya Kim who did spiels while lying down inside a coffin, lived in the jungle, went down a volcano crater, bitten by a monitor lizard, and even had a six-inch tube through his nose when he underwent laryngoscopy.

Does Kuya Kim have what it takes to take on these dirty and dangerous jobs? Find out on “Matanglawin” this Sunday, 9:30 AM, on ABS-CBN.

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