Angel’s Secret, to be Revealed in ‘TODA Max’

Angel Locsin admitted recently that just like her character in new Star Cinema movie “Unofficially Yours,” her relationship with the athlete she currently dates is also unofficial.

The actress, however, clarified that her situation in real life is definitely far from what her character has experienced in the movie. She also said that what really matters most in a relationship isn’t the status but the mutual and unconditional love that both parties feel.

“My situation is totally different. I don’t relate much to my character,” she said.

If Angel didn’t disclose much about her love life, her character in “TODA Max” Isabel will be put into test, as her secret with boyfriend’s cousin Tol (Robin Padilla) is set to be revealed.

Tol will hesitate first in telling his cousin Justin (Vhong) what really happened between him and Isabel. Tol will find relief in making himself busy with work. That’s why he won’t notice that his daughter (Aaliyah Benisano) is also being secretive to him.

Sandy and Lady G’s (Pokwang) son Jonas (Paul Salas) will come home late to attend a dance practice intended for their school’s Foundation day. To get Tol’s consent, the two will lie and say they’re with Isabel.

Upon knowing this secret, Tol will get mad and paranoid that her daughter might get pregnant soon.

What if Tol finally tells Justin what happened between him and Isabel? Will there be another misunderstanding?

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