Sarah Geronimo Admits She’s Nervous for Her Upcoming Movie ‘Won’t Last a Day Without You’

Sarah Geronimo is facing a big box-office challenge.

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo is the former box-office queen who held the record of starring in–You Changed My Life–the highest-grossing Filipino movie of all time until it was outgrossed by two films this year from the same producers.

“No Other Woman” and “Praybeyt Benjamin” have broken box-office records this year by beating the earnings of the Sarah Geronimo-John Lloyd Cruz team up. And the pressure is on Geronimo as her second movie with Gerald Anderson is about to be shown later this month.

“Won’t Last a Day Without You” is the follow-up to the first Sarah-Gerald team-up “Catch Me…I’m In Love” which is the first box-office hit of 2011. Just like the first movie, it’s also a co-production between Star Cinema and Viva Films, the winning team-up that made box-office waves this year for “Praybeyt Benjamin” and “No Other Woman” which are now the 1st and 2nd highest-grossing Filipino movie of all time, respectively.

Another factor that will make Sarah very nervous is that “Won’t Last A Day Without You” is facing two box-office giants from Hollywood – “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1″ which opened yesterday and “Happy Feet Two” which is also showing on November 23.

Now the question remains: Will Sarah and Gerald’s “Won’t Last A Day Without You” continue the trend in the Philippine box-office and will it surpass the box-office gross of “Catch Me…I’m In Love”?

We’ll see.

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