Gerald Anderson, Jodi Sta. Maria and John Spainhour Grace Beauty and Wellness Event

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As more and more people lead an active life, they are reminded of the importance of beauty, wellness and health. Among these activities was the recently concluded Beauty and Wellness event held at the Activity Center of SM Megamall.

Mall-goers in one of the country’s biggest and most visited malls in the metro was treated with a well-deserved dose of health and wellness activity through BargnFarmaceutici Philippines Company’s (BFPC) “Beauty and Wellness Event” at the mall’s activity center.

BFPC, makers of Cosmo Skin, Cosmo Cee, Euphoria Maxx (the country’s first local sports and fitness enhancer), and Cosmo Body had its celebrity endorsers promote these products during this mall activity.

“BFPC’s products have always been known for their effectiveness and if I may say so, exclusivity.

However, we still felt that our products can do more and we want the public to be able to know that BFPC’s products can provide solutions to their beauty and health concerns,” says BFPC Director Nino Bautista.

Among the celebrities who graced this well-received show were model John Spainhour for Euphoria Maxx, BFPC’s newest celebrity endorser Gerald Anderson for Cosmo Cee Vitamin C Suppplement and this generation’s “Amor Powers” Jodi Sta. Maria for Cosmo Body.

Beauty Queen Ruffa Gutierrez for Cosmo Skin Glutathione was also slated to attend the event however was held back due to commitments in Thailand. In lieu of her absence, she sent a video message to the loyal users of Cosmo Skin.

This one-day activity showcased the different BFPC products with individaul booths manned by their well-informed staff that were ready to provide health and beauty tips to the public. They also had a “Buy 2, Take 1” promotion that was eagerly embraced by the mall going public, but according to BFPC’s Co-Director Red Gatus pointed out that, “It wasn’t just a ‘Buy Something and Take Something’ promotion. We want the public to feel valued such that when someone buys something during the event the freebie would be something of even more value than the product that was purchased.”

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