Lady Gaga – ‘You and I’ Music Video

The music video for Lady Gaga's fourth single "You and I" from her "Born this Way" album is here.

The music video for “Yoü and I” was filmed in Springfield, Nebraska and was directed by Lady Gaga’s choreographer Laurieann Gibson.

The music video begins with Gaga, dressed in black clothing, sunglasses, bloody feet and seemingly bionic features, walking through a desert in Nebraska; having returned on foot after years of absence. Gaga goes to buy ice cream from an ice cream van, but she suddenly drops it as a toothless man grins at her with a doll in his hand. She begins to then have flashbacks to her time spent in Nebraska as scenes of Gaga having a wedding, being tortured by a man inside a barn and being inside a water tank are shown in quick succession. The song starts playing as the camera slowly zooms towards Gaga, who is standing bent forward as she begins singing. The video continually switches to scenes where Gaga, with little make up, a simple gray-colored hair style and a white dress, plays a piano in the middle of a cornfield, while her male alter ego, Jo Calderone sits on top of the piano, smoking and drinking a beer. As Calderone pulls up his sleeves, present day Gaga is shown still walking through the desert.

During the second verse, a muscular mad scientist, portrayed by actor Taylor Kinney, seemingly tortures Gaga, who is wearing a yellow dress with glasses made of barbwire, as another version of the singer with teal-colored hair does a dance routine with her backup dancers in a barn. As the chorus begins for the second time, Gaga is portrayed as Yuyi the Mermaid, with gills on her face and neck, as she lies in a tub filled with dirty water. It appears the scientist is attempting to change Yuyi to human form. At the end of the chorus, the camera zooms to a brunette Gaga inside a water tank while she sings “You and I!” in the desert scene and in the cornfield with Calderone. Interspersing scenes again show Gaga having her wedding, Yuyi in her tub, and Gaga seated on a chair with a conveyor belt. During May’s guitar solo, Gaga is seen dancing in the cornfield with other dancers dressed in the same white dress, as Yuyi and the scientist kiss. While singing the chorus for the final time, Gaga kisses Calderone in one sequence and runs across the field in another. As the video reaches its conclusion, the tortured Gaga is seen being slid down as the conveyor belt turns on. The video ends with Yuri and the scientist together in the bath tub, as a depiction of their dream wedding flash across, before a final shot of the barn as the screen turns black.

Watch the music video here:

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