Dingdong Dantes Topbills ‘Spooky Nights Presents: Ang Mama Kong Mamaw’

Dingdong Dantes continues his one-month stint in GMA-7's horror-comedy program, Spooky Nights. After treasure-hunting in Da Mami, the topnotch actor portrays a mama's boy in Ang Mama Kong Mamaw beginning August 20.

Spooky Nights Presents: Ang Mama Kong Mamaw tells of a mommy’s boy named Bongbong (Dingdong) and his mother, Mommy Glo (Ms. Chanda Romero), who raised him to be completely dependent on her.

An actress in the ’70s, Mommy Glo has always decided on anything that concerns Bongbong—from the food he eats to the women he dates. She always justifies her meddling by saying that she only wants the best for her son. So far, none of the women that Bongbong dated seem good enough for her.

When Mommy Glo dies, Bongbong finally gets the chance to be independent and choose the woman he will love. However, Mommy Glo loves her son so much that she cannot rest her soul. She decides to go back as a ghost and continues to interfere with her son’s lovelife.

After a while, Bongbong notices that something weird happens to the women he dates—Anna (Michelle Madrigal) gets scared stiff and ends up in a state of trauma; Karen (Andrea Torres) also winds up shocked in fear.

At this point, Bongbong realizes that his mother frightens these poor women. He confronts Mommy Glo and tells her to leave him alone and just rest in peace.

Will Mommy Glo ever go away? What if she continues her scare tactics with Mary Anne (Isabelle Daza), a brave policewoman that her son dates next? Can Bongbong ever put an end to his mother’s ghostly meddling?

Watch this funny and scary story about a love that controls and a love that conquers all fears. With director Uro Q. Dela Cruz and head writer Senedy Que, Spooky Nights Presents: Ang Mama Kong Mamaw begins this Saturday (August 20) after Manny Many Prizes on GMA-7.

Watch the trailer here:

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