‘Hiyas’ Starring Zanjoe Marudo and Megan Young – Teaser

"Hiyas" is finally next in line...

Earlier this year, it was announced that the next “Precious Hearts Romances” series will star Zanjoe Marudo and Megan Young.

And finally, it’s here.

In celebration of Precious Hearts Romances’ 2nd year as a TV series, ABS-CBN presents a gem of a love story, “Hiyas.”

The premise: Zanjoe will play the character of Silang, a man searching for a precious gem but instead finds his true love. Her leading lady is actress/host Megan Young.

Other members of its cast include Joross Gamboa, John Arcilla, Edward Mendez, Nonie Buencamino, Kristel Moreno, and Neri Naig.

The director of this new PHR series is the acclaimed Indie Film director, Adolf Alix, Jr.

Watch the teaser of “Hiyas” here:“>

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