Kyla Collaborates with General Luna in a Fun-Filled All Female Mash-Up for Coca-Cola

Rising female rock band General Luna jams with the country's R&B Princess Kyla in a unique and refreshing new mash-up for Coca-Cola Music Studio.

Cyndi Lauper once said in her song, “girls just wanna have fun.” This is true for upstart rock band “General Luna,” and Kyla, the R&B Princess of the Philippines, as they collaborate their music together to produce a fresh new sound filled with happiness.

If you’ve been living under a rock, General Luna is an all girl Filipino rock band currently conquering the local airwaves. The lineup consists of Nicole Asensio on vocals, Caren Mangaran on lead guitar, Audry Dionisio on rhythm guitar, Alex Montemayor on bass guitar, and Bea Lao on drums.

Four songs from their self-titled debut album which was released last year have been theme songs in various TV programs like “Luv Crazy,” “The Baker King,” and “Mga Nagbabagang Bulaklak.”

R&B Princess Kyla, on the other hand, had a very successful 8th studio album which released in the fourth quarter of 2010 titled “Private Affair” in which she became experimental with her music. She also released a two-CD compilation: “Essence of Soul: The Hits Collection” in celebration of her 10-years of prominence in the music industry.

Kyla is known for singing soulful ballads while General Luna has an edgy pop rock to hard rock sound. Wondering how will these two different genres combine?

In the latest energizing episode of Coca-Cola Music Studio, both Kyla and General Luna share their game plans for the highly-anticipated mash-up of their hit songs “Mahal Kita” and “Tila,” respectively. Since both their songs are about relationships, they make a perfect combination despite the difference in genres.

Also check out the behind-the-scenes videos and exclusive interview with General Luna and Kyla as they enter their last phase of rehearsals via the Coca-Cola Music Studio website. Despite their differences, the practice session was full of happiness and lightness that is not only truly refreshing, but a good example for teens who want to get into the music scene.

Coca-Cola Music Studio airs 5:30 to 6:00pm every Sunday on MYX, with replays on Tuesday at 7:30 to 8:00pm.

Did you miss an episode? Don’t worry. Watch the previous episodes of the Coca-Cola Music Studio anytime you want. Just proceed to this URL and let happiness begin:

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