Meet Your Newest Best Friend ‘Bangis’ this Monday on TV5 Primetime

TV5 continues its primetime ventures with ‘Bangis,’ an exciting TV series that will offer Filipino families a good storyline anchored on valuing family, peers, animals and the environment beginning on Monday (July 4) after Wil Time Bigtime on TV5 Primetime Panalo.

A TV adaptation of the Carlo J. Caparas komiks novel ‘Matatalim na Pangil sa Gubat,’ Bangis introduces an array of characters led by Bangis, a giant but playful and gentle prehistoric creature that feels and thinks human. The TV series stars Oyo Sotto as Leon, a famed wild animal hunter who is on a mission to capture a giant crocodile who brings fears to Sitio Talim. The search prompted him to clash with but eventually get smitten by Danita Paner’s character Maya, an environmentalist who naturally despises those who harm the biodiversity like Leon.

Joining the Bangis cast are Felix Roco as Alamid, a kind-hearted local who wants to follow in Leon’s footsteps; Wendy Valdez as Savannah, a sultry model and scheming wife of Don Serpente; and Rodjun Cruz as Musang, a crocodile hunter and notorious rival of Leon.

Yul Servo portrays Don Serpente, the story’s main villain who has a chunk of business interests in Sitio Talim. Miriam Quiambao is Josie, the mother of Eboy who also treats Bangis as her own son. Also in the cast are Katherine Luna as Magdalena, the submissive wife of Musang; Bayani Agbayani as Chairman Shepperd, Sitio Talim’s chieftain and husband to Marissa Sanchez’s character Bb. Tiririt, the stern teacher of Eboy.

Completing the cast are Carlo J. Caparas’s son CJ Caparas playing the role of Falcon, the constant ally of Leon; Jazz Ocampo as Tweety, the sweet and naïve daughter of Shepperd and Tiririt; Mavi Lozano as Puma, brother of Don Serpente and rival of Alamid to Tweety’s heart; Mr. Danny Javier as Lolo Wago, the town’s old wise man and grandfather of Maya; and Ms. Tessie Tomas as Mama Mia, the loving nanny of Leon.

The TV series also introduces a cast of child actors including BJ Go as Eboy, Bangis’ adventurous and caring best friend; Gerald Pesigan as Bakting, the town’s child bully; and Junyka Santarin as Katkat, daughter of Don Serpente and Savanna and the friend of Eboy.

A TV5 co-production with Double Vision, Bangis is helmed by two of the industry’s in-demand directors: Topel Lee and Robert Quebral. The theme song of the series, “Ako’y Kasama Mo,” is an original composition of Vince de Jesus and sung by Talentadong Pinoy challenger Michael Renz Cortez.

Meet your newest best friend Bangis and the rest of the cast this Monday, July 4, on TV5’s Primetime Panalo.


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