Britney Spears – ‘I Wanna Go’ Music Video Released

The official music video for "I Wanna Go," Britney's 3rd single from her "Femme Fatale" album has been released.

“I Wanna Go” is written by Shellback, Max Martin and Savan Kotecha, while being produced by Martin and Shellback. It debuted at no. 73 on Billboard Hot 100. However in Korea, it’s no. 1.

Here is the synopsis of the “I Wanna Go” music video:

The video begins with a mock press conference. Press and paparazzi are wearing “Britney Spears- I Wanna Go” lanyards. Someone writes Directed by: Chris Marrs Piliero on their notepad. Britney walks on, wearing studded Louboutins and a cropped Mickey Mouse shirt. Members of the Press stand up one by one and ask her ridiculous and comical questions, in which Spears answers in a sarcastic tone, In the end she gets annoyed at all the inane questions and leans into the mic to say “You know what? (BEEP!) you, (BEEP!) you, (BEEP) you, you’re cool and (BEEP!) you.” then storms out. She steps out onto the street as the song starts, wearing a white leather jacket and black frilly skirt matched with studded combat boots . She walks outside of a hotel and greets a fan who asks her to sign a copy of her album “Femme Fatale”.

The song regularly cuts away to close-ups of her singing into a microphone. She continues to walk down the street past people, she blows a kiss to a baby who whistles in time to the song. A Policeman walks up to a man in a parked car, to give him a ticket. Britney spots him from across the street and pulls her jacket open, Flashing him. Spears then winks at the camera. As the first chorus starts, he has her bent over a car while he searches her. He feels up and down her legs while she sings into camera. Spears now turns round and puts her arms round the cop, As the next verse starts, Britney is seen walking away from the cop, swinging the handcuffs round her finger while we see him buttoning up his shirt behind her, giving the idea that she seduced him. She walks down the street and a paparazzi start walking with her and taking photos of her. She stops and poses for some photos, and blows a kiss to the camera before walking up to him and grabbing his camera and throwing it on the floor, smashing it. More paparazzi appear and she runs off, jumping up on top of a taxi. Spears then stands atop the taxi as the second chorus begins, wielding the microphone as a weapon against the paparazzi. Across the street, the marquee of the cinema reads “Crossroads 2: Cross Harder”, supposedly mocking her film debut in Crossroads (2002). After all the paparazzi have been knocked to the floor by her mic, she looks pleased with herself. She looks around from atop the taxi as they close in on her, their faces bursting with electric wires, and their eyes all glowing red. One of the robots looks at her and we see their POV- a red ‘robot screen’ with the words ‘Primary Target’ written across it as it locks in on Britney. A car pulls up and screeches to a halt behind her. A man inside yells “Britney, get in quick!” and they screech off, as she dances in the passenger seat in her pink bikini top. As they drive along the guy pulls out a carton of milk from behind the drivers seat and pours it all over his face, She continues to dance in the passenger seat, standing up as they drive along, and he dances as well. His chest starts to spark as he dances, she pulls open his jacket to reveal that he is also a robot.

The video then cuts back to the press conference signaling Spears was daydreaming. The press are still asking questions, Britney’s bouncer steps in and says “No further questions.” She turns to him and says “I had the strangest dream!”. He then says “Come on, let’s get out of here.” and puts his arm around her, leading her off. As he does so he turns to the camera and his eyes glow red, and there is an evil laugh, a reference to Michael Jackson’s 1983 music video for Thriller.

Watch the music video here:

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