Pidol’s Wonderland Presents Touching Lenten Special ‘Si Niño at ang Santo’

A heart-moving story of faith will give more meaning to Filipinos’ commemoration of Lenten season as TV5’s Pidol’s Wonderland presents its Holy Week special episode, “Si Niño at ang Santo.”

The story brings together Jhiz Deocariza, Isabel Granada, Mon Confiado, Rosemarie Sarita, Dolphy Jr., Lou Veloso, and Simon Ibarra as special guests. Funnyman Joaqui Tupas also appears in the sitcom portion with Mang Pidol (Dolphy) and the people in his neighborhood.

“Si Niño at ang Santo” tells the story of the young boy Niño who gets to talk to the town patron saint, Santo Dionisio. As their town is experiencing a drought, the saint gives Niño miraculous access to water, which the boy immediately tells the townspeople. But the people of Barrio Baleleng are a faithless lot, and their lack of faith deprives them of any access to the water Niño told them about. Because of this, the townspeople madly drive Niño away and even accuse the poor boy of being sent by the devil.

What kind of miracle will make the people of Barrio Baleleng believe in the power and love of God? How will Niño help save the people of his town? Find out in the special Lenten episode of Pidol’s Wonderland this Sunday, April 17, 5:30-6:30pm after Paparazzi on TV5.

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  1. Sana hindi na ito nakakabastos sa panginoon, tulad noong father jejemon na sa title pa lang blasphemous na.

  2. Anonymous // April 15, 2011 at 1:45 pm //

    nakakaawa naman ang imortal, nauwi sa wala. 8.4 ang rating–mega mega FLOP???

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