‘2 1/2 Daddies’ Gives Viewers Another Round of LOL Comedy with Brand New Season

Padilla Siblings

“Laughter is the best medicine” – As far as TV5, the country’s one and only Happy Network, is concerned, when it comes to finding the best yet most simple way to beat the summer heat with family and friends on a Saturday night, viewers need only to tune in to the brand new season of the Kapatid Network’s hit sitcom, “2 ½ Daddies”, which is now packed with even more hilarious storylines, crazier misadventures, and more entertaining characters!

Starting this April 25 at 8:00PM and airing every Saturday at the same time thereafter, the 2nd season of “2 ½ Daddies” marks a whole new exciting phase in the Pastoran household, as siblings Ver (Rommel Padilla), Apol (Robin Padilla) and Eva (BB Gandanghari) deal head-on with the complications and face the many day-to-day challenges of parenting their now 4-year old toddler Bamba (introducing Aryanna Padilla).

With their daughter now no longer a baby, the Pastoran siblings will be in for the surprise of their lives as they witness Bamba grow right before their own eyes, becoming more demanding each day for their attention, while altogether experiencing a lot of firsts as parents to a little girl – first crush, first encounter with a bully, first school program, etc. Ultimately, the siblings find themselves being further tested with their unconventional ways of raising a child like never before, while at the same time having to juggle their own personal affairs and respective lifestyles.

On top of Bamba’s schooling, upcoming birthday celebration, and many (awkward) questions about life and her ‘parents’, the Pastorans’ lives are turned even more upside down with the entrance of certain colorful characters in their already complicated lives.

While Apol has been more than eager to take his relationship with the sexy Maya (Ritz Azul) to the next level, little does he know that she has actually been holding something against him! Eldest brother Ver has finally committed to the love of his life but he finds himself always being made to choose between his girlfriend and Bamba! And finally, things are also heating up with Eva’s love life, but the problem is, her suitor and soon-to-be-boyfriend does not know her true identity!

Viewers will have to tune in every Saturday to see which path the Pastoran siblings will eventually take – will they choose to start their own family, or will they choose to stay in the Pastoran extended family?

2 and a Half Daddies

More great comedy moments can also be expected from this season with the Pastoran household matriarch, Mommy Vi (Celia Rodriguez), rival stage parent Madam Beauty (Cacai Bautista), Dennis Padilla and many other special celebrity guests in the mix.

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