Smart Partners with Skype, Introduces Video Messaging App ‘Skype Qik’


There’s a new messaging app from the makers of Skype that will enable you to send video messages easily on your mobile phone! It’s called “Skype Qik” and all Smart subscribers can try this exciting app for free for 3 months! It means you can send fun and engaging video messages to your friends without incurring additional data charges on your prepaid or postpaid account since Smart Communications recently signed an exclusive partnership with Skype.

Skype Qik is different from other messaging apps because it enables users to send short video messages quick and easy. Now you can capture memorable moments in video as they happen, and immediately share them with friends through one-touch recording and instant sharing.

For example you’re out of the country and you are seeing falling snow for the first time. You can share this milestone to your friends in the Philippines by capturing the moment via Qik and sending the video seamlessly as if you’re just chatting with them.

Videos shared through Skype Qik will be stored in separate threads for each individual or group, and each video sent can be removed from one device and deleted across the devices of the group’s members. Once a message is two weeks old and everyone has forgotten about it, it automatically disappears.

Another exciting feature of Qik is the “Qik Fliks” where you can pre-record up to 12 short videos and use it as emoji. For example, you want to reply to a friend’s message with a thumb’s up emoji, why not make one yourself with your own hand doing the thumbs up sign. Isn’t it cool?

Qik homepage

So try this exciting new app now by downloading “Skype Qik” from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Remember, if you’re a Smart subscriber you can use the app for three months without incurring data charges. For more information on Smart’s Skype Qik offers, visit

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