Richard Herrera – Men’s Health Philippines December 2010 Cover

Richard Herrera from the Amazing Race Asia Season 4 is on the cover of Men's Health Philippines.

31-year-old model Richard Herrera, together with his buddy Richard Hardin, represent the Philippines in the ongoing Amazing Race Asia Season 4. They are currently in the final 3 racing for the title against teams from Indonesia and Singapore.

Herrera sees joining The Amazing Race Asia as a way to prove himself. “I’m a born winner and my partner Rich (Hardin) is a born second-placer. Thought it would be nice to take his sorry ass to the top at least once and give him that first taste of victory he’s been longing for.”

Herrera has appeared in various tv commercials in the Philippines. He was also a cosmo hunk and ramped in various fashion shows and even tried acting once.

Image courtesy of Summit Media.

9 Comments on Richard Herrera – Men’s Health Philippines December 2010 Cover

  1. rhea paclibar // December 1, 2010 at 8:37 pm //

    go for the riches!!..richard herrera..he’s the man!!!…i will buy it,for sure=))

  2. amazing cover guy! better than Ramsey! haha ;D

    oh yes, they WILL win!

    *cheer*cheer* for THE Riches!

  3. loved rich nun palang sa nestea commercial nya!

  4. panis ang kanguso!magsara na kayo! // November 28, 2010 at 12:11 am //

    nice abs! malay natin sila palang 2!heheheh!

    pero nung ngapakalbo silang 2, mas lumitaw yung pagkagwapo at sex appeal nung partner niya.

  5. ang hot nya.. congrats Richard!

  6. sayang kina jess and lanie, dalawa sana ang filipino teams sa top three. kaya lang they were aloof napagkaisahan tuloy, got jinxed and lost the race. although i have the feeling na ang mananalo ay yong mag-amang indonesians, kasi meron silang commercial sa axn na telecommunication company. well, sana hindi! 🙂


  7. kala ko si derek ramsey

  8. di kaya jowa or bf niya ang partner niya sa race

  9. Go Team Philippines. Thought there would be 2 Pinoy teams in the Final 3.

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