‘Sinenovela Presents: Basahang Ginto’ Remains Unbeatable

Basahang Ginto starring Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana maintains its strong lead in the ratings according to the most recent people/individual ratings report by AGB Nielsen.

The modern remake of the Mars Ravelo graphic novel enjoyed another weeklong victory from August 16 to 20 with the following ratings: August 16 – 6.1 percent, August 16 – 6.2 percent, August 17 – 5.6 percent, August 18 – 5.9 percent and August 20 – 5.4 percent vis-à-vis its rival program.

As the Sinenovela continues next week, Orang (Carla Abellana) is ecstatic to receive an invitation from Danny (Geoff Eigenmann) unaware that the gesture is actually another scheme set up by Sylvia (Vaness del Moral). Come the day of the event, Orang arrives at the party and is shocked to find out about Danny and Sylvia’s engagement.

Danny tries to explain to Orang that he is merely following orders from Doña Marina (Celia Rodriguez) who is beholden to Sylvia’s family, and that his heart belongs only to her. Orang refuses to listen to anymore of his explanations and leaves the party devastated.

After such painful revelation, does Danny and Orang still have a chance at happiness? Could they still manage to save what is left of their relationship?

More drama unfolds as Basahang Ginto continues after Trudis Liit on GMA Dramarama Sa Hapon.

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