After ‘Wowowee’, ‘Sharon’ to Bid Goodbye Next

After 6 years, Sharon Cuneta's weekly musical talk show "Sharon" will soon bid goodbye to its loyal viewers.

The news came from Jose Javier Reyes, the show’s creative head writer, on last night’s episode of TV’5 Juicy! where he temporarily substituted for Mo Twister who was absent.

According to Direk Joey, Sharon will be replaced by a singing reality program and the Megastar will still host the show. However, a new creative team will take over the staff and crew of the said musical talk show (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE).

Direk Joey did not reveal when the final episode of Sharon will be aired.

Meanwhile, this Sunday on Sharon (one of its last episodes), the Megastar welcomes to her show some of the finest singers and up and coming performers today.

OPM icons Marco Sison and Rico J. Puno join Sharon for a special song to her fans. Also watch the Cardio Boys perform a hilarious homage to some of the Megastar’s top hits.

Join Mega and her special guests on this special episode of the only musical variety Sunday night show “kung saan lagi kang kasama,” Sharon, after Rated K on ABS-CBN.

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