‘TV Patrol’ Goes Online

Chat and interact with ABS-CBN anchors and reporters and watch "TV Patrol" anywhere and anytime via internet.

“TV Patrol” can now be seen online anytime and anywhere in the Philippines for free.

Log on to at 6:30 PM to catch the live streaming of the country’s number one newscast. Those who miss the live telecast can visit the site for episode replays and segment clips.

While watching the news, viewers can chat and interact with the respected anchors and reporters of ABS-CBN like Zen Hernandez, George Carino, Jing Castaneda, Nina Corpuz, Ryan Chua, RG Cruz, Dyan Castillejo, and Alvin Elchico, who already chatted with thousands of viewers of “TV Patrol” worldwide last week.

Netizens actively engage in online discussions during the chat, deliberating on current issues and reacting to the reports. Through the Internet, the viewing public has found a way to connect with ABS-CBN journalists via chat and there is already a strong clamor to have TV Patrol’s anchors for chat sessions.

ABS-CBN anchors and reporters have truly become multimedia journalists reporting not just on TV but also online via and actively posting updates on their respective Facebook and Twitter accounts. In fact, ABS-CBN anchors like Julius Babao, Karen Davila, and Ces Drilon already have thousands of followers on Twitter.

“Twitter makes me closer and connected to those who like my work. They have become my friends. It allows me to give information in real time whether it’s the news or something personal I want to share,” said Karen.

For Julius, social networks like Twitter and Facebook complement his work as a journalist. He gets to interview public figures more easily via Facebook and receives feedback, tips, and even stories directly from viewers.

He says journalists are able to establish a personal connection with viewers through social networking sites. “Some viewers thought broadcast journalists are snubs, but now they see the ‘human side’ of news anchors and not just regarding them as talking heads.”

The availability of “TV Patrol” on the Internet is one of the recent changes made when “TV Patrol” launched its new segments and use of augmented reality technologies that were previously used in the successful news coverage of ABS-CBN, “Halalan 2010”.

“TV Patrol” remains to be the number one newscast in the country with 32.9% against “24 Oras” with only 21.3% based on the TV ratings data gathered by Kantar Media (formerly TNS) for the month of June.

Stay informed. Always watch “TV Patrol” on TV or on the internet, every night, 6:30 PM only at ABS-CBN and

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  1. bernal ariez b // September 3, 2010 at 11:41 am //

    Hello i gusto ko mag komento yung Naganap na hostage taking sa luneta
    Grandstand,bakit binigyan ng watawat Ang labi ni inspictor mendoza kahit
    Gaanu karami ang mga awards nya nung
    Pulis pa sya samantalang marami,pala
    syang kaso sa ombodsman.para lang yan sa mga pulis o sundalo na namatay
    sa bala na gumawa ng kabutihan sa bayan si inspictor mendoza yung labi nya mabuti at tinggal na lang yan sa kabaong nya.thanks!

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