Kris Bernal and Daniel Matsunaga in Lovebug’s Newest Offering – ‘Wish Come True’

After embarking on a romantic cruise in Hong Kong, Lovebug takes us to the Lion City to witness the story of two people from different cultures brought together by love.

Give in to sweetness as Kris Bernal and Daniel Matsunaga discover that happily ever after is theirs in WISH COME TRUE.

This four-part episode rings with humor and romance spiced up with Kris and Daniel’s interesting characters and exciting plotlines that explore the boundaries of the many ways that love can break our hearts…and heal them.

Gella (Kris) is a simple woman with a big heart and big dreams. She gets to fulfill her longtime wish to pursue a career in Singapore and meet her ultimate crush, Brazilian model Raoul Del Rosario (Daniel).

She lands a job as a photographer’s assistant. Much to her delight, a very pleasant surprise comes along when she learns that Raoul will be present in one of their photo shoots.

So, she does all sorts of crazy things just to make a knockout impression on her crush. Much to her dismay, Raoul is in love with another Filipina supermodel, Isabel (Rich Asuncion).

On her way home, she bumps into Raoul who is drunk chasing Isabel. Intoxicated, Raoul thinks Gella was Isabel and instantly, they share a magical and accidental kiss.

Raoul is bent on wooing the supermodel so he hires Gella as his Filipino teacher. Gella agrees to his plan so she can bond with Raoul and secretly tries to sabotage all of his courtship and dating plans with Isabel.

But all efforts didn’t pay off. Raoul and Isabel end up with each other.

Gella tries to warn Raoul of Isabel’s illicit affair with a Singaporean model Henrique Soriano but he doesn’t believe her instead she gets fired from her job from spreading rumors about Isabel. Gella leaves Singapore with a broken job and a broken heart.

Will Raoul ever realize that it is Gella he should be offering his heart to before it’s too late? Will he chase a love that could be in Manila? Will Gella find true happiness in the arms of a mesmerizing Brazilian model?

Lovebug’s new season is directed by Mark A. Reyes together with Jun Lana as creative director, Jake Tordesillas as creative consultant and Kit Langit as episode writer. Rounding up the cast are Chariz Solomon, Kiel Rodriguez, Jesi Corcuera, Cris Bolado nd Vivo Ouano. This second offering is shot in Singapore’s popular tourist attractions including SKA Clark Quay, Helix Bridge and Sentosa Hawkers.

The first part of “WISH COME TRUE” episode of LOVEBUG airs this Sunday, June 20 right after Party Pilipinas on GMA Network.

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