SM Celebrates World Environment Day Via ‘Green Film Festival’

This month, SM Supermalls celebrate World Environment Day with the screening of eye-opening environmental documentaries at the 2010 Green Film Festival.

Starting June 21 and 22 and held every third Monday and Tuesday of the month thereafter, the SM Green Film Festival has gotten bigger and better on its second year, as 36 malls nationwide will showcase four fantastic documentaries that will help more Filipinos learn about what is happening to our environment today.

State of the Planet, a documentary produced by BBC and the Discovery Channel talks about the destruction of the rainforest, extinction of the species, global warning and rising sea levels and other ecological crises our planet faces.

Warnings from the Wild, a documentary produced by BBC and PBS, examines how global warming is affecting the Earth, from polar bears getting thinner and producing less offspring to the migration of the Adelie penguin from its home in the Antarctic.

Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio joins the green movement with the film The 11th Hour, where he explores the devastating effects of carbon dioxide emissions on the planet and the possible ways we can switch and use renewable energy sources.

The thought-provoking piece also brings together an impressive roster of environmental activists such ad former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, scientist Stephen Hawking and other experts who share their thoughts on how humans can reduce their carbon footprint on earth.

Finally, the most elaborate documentary series ever produced gives a fresh perspective at the earth’s last wilderness and its wildlife. Called Planet Earth as you’ve never seen it before, the film was commissioned by the BBC and is described as “the definitive look at the diversity of our planet.

SM Supermalls are inviting all public students to catch the free screenings of these must-see films to learn more about our planet and what they can do to help solve the many ecological crises that exist today. SM hopes to reach and educate one million public school children through this effort.

The Green Film Festival is one of the many environmental activities of SM Prime Holdings through SM Cares which aims to raise the environmental consciousness of the public.

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