Eslove Briones is Forced Evicted from Pinoy Big Brother

Eslove Briones, the “Sigang Istokwa ng Tawi-Tawi," became the second housemate to get forced evicted from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010.

Big Brother invoked the “violent behavior” rule against Eslove Briones because he played with a knife acting as if he is about to stab a fellow housemate.

The rule says it clearly that “any housemate who becomes violent will be removed from the house immediately.”

Although the act was supposed to be a joke, Big Brother is very strict in the rule that any form of violence is strictly prohibited inside the house. It’s interesting to note that this was also the rule broken by PBB Double UP housemate Tom Rodriguez (formerly Tom Mott) who got pissed off during a competition and started to punch the wall.

Watch the video here:

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