U-Kiss and XLR8 to Debut in ‘Party Pilipinas’

Korean boyband U-Kiss will debut on Philippine television together with Pinoy boyband XLR8 via Party Pilipinas on March 28, Sunday.

U-Kiss is an acronym for Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star, a 7-member South Korean boy band. They debuted in 2008 with their single entitled Not Young. The group is composed of 7 boys, two of whom were former members of group, Xing. They are Alexander, Soo Hyun, Kim Ki Bum, Lee Ki Seop, Eli, Kevin, and Dong Ho.

Eventually, the newest pinoy boyband XLR8 from Viva Records, will debut on national television via Party Pilipinas next Sunday. The group is composed of Hideaki Torio, Caleb Santos, Adrian Muhlach, MM Magno, Arkin del Rosario, Carlo Lazerna, Francis Ramos and Meljohn Magno.

3 Comments on U-Kiss and XLR8 to Debut in ‘Party Pilipinas’

  1. jam mojica // October 19, 2010 at 5:07 pm //

    the winner is UKISS not xlr8 because they have originality !

  2. actuallly XLR8’s performance last sunday in party pilipinas was awesome,,,,

  3. ang kapal nman ng xlr8 chuba na yan akala mo naman kung sino.ang papangit naman…cncira lng ang 22ong k-pop…mmaty na kaung xlr8…

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