Kim Atienza Goes on a Wildlife Safari-Spree Around the World

Kim Atienza travels the wilds in different countries and takes you to a quick ride around the world this Sunday (Mar 14) in “Matanglawin.”

Get to see his never before seen self-made videos in Serengeti, Africa where he was able to behold African Buffalos, elephants, leopards, lions and wildbeest.

Meet the only Red Panda in the world and the first dolphin born out of artificial insemination he found in Hong Kong.

The country’s trivia king also drops by Singapore to visit the first Night Safari in the world featuring nocturnal animals such as the hyena and tapir.

And as he explores the wildlife of Indonesia, Kuya Kim will come face-to-face with the Komodo dragon which is said to be deadlier than a lion. Will Kuya Kim be able to tame the so called living dragon?

Don’t miss another intense and exciting episode of “Matanglawin,” this Sunday (Mar 14), 11 AM on ABS-CBN.