Charice’s Official ‘Pyramid’ Single Featuring Iyaz is Now Available!

Charice's first and official international single "Pyramid" featuring Iyaz is out now and currently at no. 10 in Amazon MP3 Bestsellers!

Help Charice climb her Billboard Pyramid. Download the single NOW! It’s only $0.99 per download. If you are in the US, you can download it from Amazon.

Here’s a tip from if you want to buy PYRAMID but you’re living outside of the United States where iTunes is not available (including here in the Philippines). One way to get around this is to purchase Gift Certificates which are redeemable from a US-based iTunes Store account. Gift Certificates in $25 and $50 increments may be purchased from Media Without Borders. Read up for instructions on how to buy your gift certificates and redeem them to purchase PYRAMID for yourself, friends & family!

We encourage you to buy from iTunes to keep Pyramid at the top of the iTunes sales charts, an important barometer of what music buyers are listening to. Pyramid is starting out strong at #46 on the Billboard Club charts and the #1 most added track by radio stations.

Here’s what Media Without Borders is all about:

MediaWoB allows anyone with a valid credit card or PayPal account to buy iTunes gift certificates that can be redeemed at the United States iTunes Store.

While there are iTunes stores available in other countries, none of them have as big a catalog of items available as the US store (currently more than 10 million songs, 100 000 podcasts, and 27 000 audiobooks). In addition, many iTunes features are only available at the US store:

* Hundreds of TV shows from nearly every major network and cable channel, available the day after they first air in the US. Now also available in HD.

* Buy or rent full-length movies that look great on your iPhone, iPod, computer, or AppleTV (also in HD).

* Games and Applications for your iPhone and iPod.

While the range is obviously incredible, the best thing about the US store is that (at current exchange rates) it actually works out cheaper than many other country-specific iTunes stores (even after our minor mark-up is applied)!

Unfortunately iTunes only allows you to shop at the US store if you have an American credit card, which is where our services come in.

Charice feat. Iyaz – Pyramid:

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