TJ Trinidad Paired with Rhian Ramos in ‘Dear Friend: Almost a Love Story’

TJ Trinidad and Rhian Ramos have a strong chemistry despite their age difference.

They’ve been co-stars in Zorro, Stairway to Heaven and The Promise but this will be the first time that they will star as a love team.

In the upcoming new episode of Dear Friend, TJ and Rhian will portray two individuals who are perfect together, but are completely wrong for each other in society’s eyes. TJ’s role as Rommel is 24 years old while Rhian’s role as Hannah is only 15 years old. They will get separated and after 6 years they will meet again, but Hannah is already engaged with Luigi (portrayed by Paulo Avelino). Will Hannah fall for Rommel all over again?

Find out when “Almost a Love Story” begins this Sunday, January 31, on Dear Friend after SOP Fully Charged.

The episode is directed by Topel Lee. It also stars Arci Muñoz, Stef Prescott, Cris Villanueva, Joanne Quintas, Jimwel Stevens, Melissa Mendez, Dex Quindoza and Jace Flores.

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