Tondo Boys’ Football Dreams on ‘The Correspondents’

Aside from basketball, another foreign ball game is gaining popularity in the Philippines and putting native Filipino games in the sidelines. From schools to the streets, more and more kids are playing football or soccer, not just for fun but also for a living.

This Tuesday (Jan 19) on “The Correspondents,” Dominic Almelor will put himself in the shoes of Tondo’s young football aficionados who dream of making a name in the sport.

Joseph, Roberto, and Christian are all members of Tondo’s Futkalero team. Roberto said poverty has not stopped them from playing the game. Joseph, in fact, is a star player for football in Arellano University.

All of them hope of a better future through football. See their struggle and persistence this Tuesday (Jan 19) on “The Correspondents” right after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.