The Switch is On in QTV’s ‘Drop Dead Diva’

The switch has been made. The beautiful-but-vapid model wannabe Deb Dobkins is now the brilliant plus-size attorney Jane Bingum. And as Deb in Jane’s body eases into her new life, things begin to get more interesting around her on Drop Dead Diva.

By some supernatural means, Deb’s soul was transferred to Jane’s deceased body after the former met a fatal car accident. And now that Deb is trapped inside Jane, she is faced with the inevitable—the need to embrace her new plus-size self and the emotional detachment her job as a lawyer demands.

Last episode, Jane unexpectedly saw Deb’s mother, Bobbi. Bobbi met with Grayson Kent, Jane’s colleague and Deb’s fiancé, to hire him for her divorce case. But Grayson was already hired by Joe, Deb’s father, to represent him. Shocked and moved by the news, Jane offered to be Bobbi’s lawyer.

Upon realizing that the divorce had been on Joe’s mind for quite some time now, Jane was challenged to use what she knows about the family to get the most agreeable settlement for Bobbi. But Deb as Jane was shattered when she discovered that Bobbi is having an affair.

In one of their conversations, Bobbi explained to Jane that her marriage to Joe was a sham, which they pulled off for years all for Deb’s benefit. After hearing this, Jane backed out as Bobbi’s lawyer.

On the next episode of Drop Dead Diva, a case comes up that will allow Jane the chance to work with Grayson for the first time. But then another case comes up that will give her an opportunity to represent a man who was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit in the Compensation Board. Which case will Jane choose? Will she make Grayson feel that Deb is alive in her? Will Jane be able to handle her next case without being too involved?

Find out on the new dramedy which every woman can most definitely relate to. Drop Dead Diva airs every Friday, 8:30 pm, on Q Channel 11.

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