Pinoy Tour Guide in Holy Land and Pinoy Au Pair on OFW Diaries

THIS Friday, December 11, on GMA Network’s OFW Diaries, seasoned broadcast journalist Kara David visits Israel and meets the only Filipino licensed Holy Land tour guide by the Israeli government – Exie Cruz.

Once an accountant based in New York, Cruz eventually married and had a child. But her normal life was changed when her father died in a plane crash in 1983.

When Cruz and her husband accompanied their distraught mother on a Holy Land pilgrimage, little did she know that the trip would alter their lives permanently. From then on, Cruz never looked back. She relocated her whole family to Israel, where she believes she has found her true calling. To this day, she gathers pilgrims to the birthplace of Christ.

Cruz shares her life-changing Holy Land experience.

David also takes a closer look at the lives of au pairs. Au Pairs normally stay with a host family in a foreign country to learn about language and culture, while helping with daily chores. But for some Filipinos, au pair programs become opportunities to become undocumented domestic workers. While living with their host families for 18 months, they serve as nannies, cooks and all-around helpers.

Angeli Bedana was once such working au pair. In the eight months that she had stayed with her host family, only two months were spent going to school. She says she never really wanted to study, and was only seeking the opportunity to earn money. The income was not bad, she shares, and the work was just for five hours each day.

It is for this reason that au pair programs are banned by the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs. But some still manage to join these programs and end up working illegally abroad.

Join Kara David on OFW Diaries this Friday after the latenight newscast Saksi over GMA Network.

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