Rocky Exits the PBB House, Melason Back in Each Other’s Arms

Rocky Salumbides voluntary exits the Pinoy Big Brother house to be with his girlfriend Eula Valdez this Christmas.

After almost ten weeks of waiting and anticipation in “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up,” housemate Jason finally expressed his true feeling towards fellow housemate Melisa. But instead of the traditional Filipino courtship where the suitor visits the lady and serenades her with a love song, Jason bared his intentions the “PBB” way.

Dressed as ninjas, the House A boys infiltrated House B where Melai, Rica, Carol, Yuri, and Hermes were staying. Jason’s accomplices kidnapped Melai and brought her to the garden where Jason has set up a picnic.

In the outside world, Filipino viewers have been glued to their televisions to follow the “Melason” Love story. PBB Business Unit head Lauren Dyogi said this season got its highest nationwide rating ever of 29.5% last Monday based on the survey done by Taylor Nelson Sofres Media Research. That episode featured the date of Melai and Jason.

Meanwhile, another pair might also be reunited as actress Eula Valdez entered the PBB house to view Big Brother’s conversation with her boyfriend, housemate Rocky Salumbides. Rocky expressed his desire to leave the house to be with Eula, who he calls “Pag-ibig.” Eula, on the other hand, said she is lucky because not everyone gets the same loving she gets from the model.

The shocking ending of her visit was revealed yesterday (Dec 9) in “PBB Double Up” on Primetime Bida. This week, Big Brother will also explain the new voting system called “S/E Voting.”

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