‘The Correspondents’ Bares Connection of Ondoy Floods to Urban Planning

More than a month after typhoon Ondoy devastated Metro Manila and nearby provinces, some areas remain flooded up to this day. Lawmakers say one reason for this is poor urban planning. Dominic Almelor uncovers the connection of urban planning to flood this Tuesday (Nov 3), on “The Correspondents.”

Lupang Arenda in Taytay, one of the biggest places populated by illegal settlers, remains submerged under flood water. Every day, residents have to ride boats to go to work. At night, families have to share a small dry portuins inside their houses to be able to sleep and eat away from flood water.

Officials said that illegal settling is one the main causes of flooding, as canals and other water pathways are blocked by houses built in an area. The problem is that the occupants don’t want to leave the area because they don’t have anywhere else to go.

Learn about other issues tackled in the program at Join Dominic Almelor as he uncovers the condition of people living in flood waters on “The Correspondents,” this Tuesday night (Nov 3) after “Bandila’ on ABS- CBN.