Lyka Ugarte and Nonito Donaire Featured on ‘Wish Ko Lang!’

This Saturday on Wish Ko Lang: Lyka Ugarte's narrates her suicide attempt and Nonito Donaire inspires the young Cebuano boxers.

80’s sexy actress Lyka Ugarte recently made a buzz in the showbiz circle, not because of a comeback movie, but of her latest suicide attempt. Though escaping death, the actress can’t evade reality that she is still surrounded by problems. Lyka’s family and friends are concerned with her weighty situation and they hope that she’ll be able to hurdle through this dark chapter of her life.

Meanwhile, Tatay Rod has a dream, that someone will follow the footsteps of Manny Paquiao and Nonito Donaire for their immense achievement in the sport of boxing. So kids in Cebu train under Tatay Rod’s wing, believing that one of them will be the next country’s pride. But old and damaged boxing gear seems to hinder their hopes and dream. To spark up their training, Nonito Donaire gives the young hopefuls a surprise visit.

Watch how the fallen actress makes a comeback and young boxers of Cebu will finally meet a boxing great. Don’t miss it in Wish Ko Lang! Saturday 4:30 p.m. on GMA Network.

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