GMA’s ‘Shining Inheritance’ Shines in Ratings

Korea’s number one telenovela for 2009, Shining Inheritance is also number one in the hearts of Filipinos as demonstrated by its “shining” performance in the ratings game.

AGB Nielsen Philippines’ overnight ratings among Mega Manila households this October make it clear that audiences are spellbound with the atypical fairy tale of Inna, the modern day Cinderella and Juan, the unlikely Prince Charming!

Last Tuesday, October 13, it garnered a whooping 22.3%, totally outshining its competitor which only received 13. 9%! From October 5 to October 19, GMA’s late night Shining Inheritance posted a high average rating of 18.9% whereas its competitor only posted an average rating of 12.2%, resulting in a 6.7% difference!

When Aurea’s inheritance was entrusted to Inna and not to Juan, audiences adored that Juan and his siblings turned from stubborn royalties to instant paupers in order to survive!

Audiences appreciate Inna’s meek yet persevering spirit and swoon over Juan’s tough yet sweet persona. The love-hate relationship brewing between the two truly make Filipinos’ evenings enchanting!

Will Juan and Inna continue to raise their pride or will they finally assert their “special feelings, “especially now that Juan’s bitter siblings and Inna’s wicked stepsister are set in plotting schemes to separate the two?

The fairy tale twists and turns in Shining Inheritance continue every Monday to Thursday, right after Survivor Philippines: Palau!

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    tnx s pgbblik ng shining inheritance

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