Fake Couples Face Tough Tasks on ‘PBB Double UP’

“Pinoy Big Brother Double Up” is only in its first two weeks, but the housemates seem to be having a hard time with their personal tasks.

New housemates Rob and TransPinay Rica were challenged by Big Brother to make their housemates believe that they are lovers. Their subtle and intentional slip-ups induced curiosity among other housemates, like taking a shower together.

The two seem to be winning the challenge, but Big Brother recently leveled-up the task. The new challenge: Rob to propose to Rica. Though shocked and embarrassed, Rob courageously took Kuya’s new challenge.

On the other hand in House B, real-life couple Kath and Jimson had to temporarily separate as Kath was tasked by Big Brother to pretend that she is married to Patrick.

The past few days had been emotionally tough to manage for Kath and Jim, especially when Big Brother had Kath and Patrick celebrate their “anniversary” with Jimson as their waiter. The houseband had already been dying to get close to his wife, secretly trying to get a hug at times. Meanwhile, mock husband Patrick, was missing his own wife too, who was left in the outside world. Their housemates, clueless of the task, meanwhile, adored the “romance” between the fake couple.

Jimson’s couldn’t contain his yearning for his wife and had a heated exchange with her in an attempt to express his feelings. Jimson showed signs of giving up and eventually admitted to the group that he is Kath’s real life husband.

Will the housemates continue to fight, or will they finally give in to their emotions? Get a glimpse of the latest events tomorrow afternoon (Oct 15) with Mariel Rodriguez in “Uber,” after Banana Split. Get the full story on “PBB Double Up” on Primetime Bida with Toni Gonzaga after “Dahil May Isang Ikaw,” and more news with Bianca Gonzalez on “PBB Double UPLate” after midnight.

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