Boy Abunda Goes Up-front in ‘The Bottomline’

King of talk, Boy Abunda, throws in the issues raised from the brainstorming point-by-point to their invited personalities.

You’ve witnessed him conduct bold one-on-one interviews and you’ve seen him ask the most controversial questions to the hottest personalities in town. Now, the country’s King of Talk, Boy Abunda, enters a whole new concept of discussion as he goes up-front in ABS-CBN’s newest reality talk show “Bottomline” starting November 28 (Saturday night) after Banana Split.

Boy Abunda is considered one of the most credible hosts on Philippine television today. His followers have seen how he delves into the very heart of the matter/issues and how he deals with diverse kinds of personalities. He has posted the toughest questions and has been able to get frank and honest answers from his guests. These strong points of Boy gave the network the idea of adding a different twist to the usual concept of talk shows. Thus, “Bottomline” is born.

Vince Rodriguez, Bottomline’s Production Manager revealed that the central concept of the show is Boy Abunda himself. “The show didn’t exist outside of Tito Boy, he was really the central figure. It couldn’t have gone to anyone else. He’s really the central concept of the show.” He added, “He’s really passionate about it. He’s very excited because this is something that he really wants to do. He’s an excellent conversationalist. He likes talking to people. He likes picking the brains of people. And he’s very well-read. He watches a lot of news and current affairs shows. He likes learning. So I think he enjoys the interviews because he also learns from them.”

Pear Clemente, the show’s headwriter also shared the same thought. “Tito Boy is a ‘hybrid’ kind of host. He can interview people from different walks of life. Surprisingly, he unfolds the ‘human’ side of his interviewee baring the different aspect of that certain person.”

“Bottomline” is a reality-talk show which involves not only Tito Boy, but also a group of opinionated people with different stances on a subject. They are called the ‘bottomliners’, Bottomline’s executive producer Apples Dela Vega disclosed. “We have a pool of bottomliners. Nagpapalit yu’n depending on the guest. We get six to eight bottomliners from the pool for every episode and through Tito Boy’s interview with the guest, their questions and other issues are answered.”

The show also gives the viewers the privilege to see the whole process of the story development– from conceptualization, to brainstorming, to actual execution of the interview and ending with a post-mortem or assessment of the interview. Boy acts as the moderator of the whole discussion. The bottomliners share what they want to know about the guest. Tito Boy throws in the questions gathered from the brainstorming through no-holds barred interview with the invited guest. Through a monitor, the bottomliners are able to witness the interview. After the session, Boy and the bottomliners assess the whole activity.

In a nutshell, these chosen people from the different sectors of the society are considered as the creators of the program with their strong and varied opinions and questions.

After “Kontrobersyal” and “Private Conversations”, comes a new and unique reality-talk show that will magnify the strength of the King of Talk, showcase the fearless questions generated from the bottomliners and the extract the unexpected answers of the hottest and controversial personalities… “Bottomline,” premiering this Saturday on ABS-CBN.

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