‘In My Life’ Receives a Grade of ‘B’ from CEB

The Cinema Evaluation Board has given the Olivia Lamasan movie "In My Life" a fall-out-of-expectation grade of "B"

While the Regal Films horror movie Tarot was given the highest grade of “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) three weeks ago, the highly anticipated Vilma Santos film “In My Life” was only given a “B” rating.

In simple analogy, the CEB thinks “In My Life” is LESS superior than “Tarot.” Or Tarot is a better film than In My Life. What’s happening with the Cinema Evaluation Board?

But of course, we need to watch “In My Life” first to understand why the CEB has given it a lower rating than Tarot. If the critics lambasted the Regal Films horror movie, what would be their take in the ground-breaking Star Cinema film.

In My Life hits the theaters nationwide tomorrow.

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