HD Version of Nora-Vilma Starrer ‘T-Bird at Ako’ to Hit Cinemas this March

ABS-CBN Film Archives brings back to life the classic 80s film “T-Bird at Ako,” topbilled by Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos, as its digitally restored and re-mastered version hits cinemas this March.

TBird at Ako Poster

The red carpet premiere was held yesterday at the University of the Philippines Film Institute Cine Adarna where Nora herself graced the event and personally showed her support for ABS-CBN’s film restoration project. Both solid Noranians and Vilmanians also flocked to the venue.

One of the most talked about and controversial movies in the 80s, “T-Bird at Ako” is the 6th film that is 30 years or older restored by ABS-CBN, joining other timeless titles such as “Himala,” “Oro Plata Mata,” and “Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon.”

When asked about ABS-CBN’s selection process of ‘classic’ titles to restore, Film Archives head Leo Katigbak explained, “The definition of classic really evolves over time. It’s not just the old critically acclaimed award-winning movies per se but films that have taken on an iconic status due to director, stars, representation of an era and the like. Here in the Philippines, our classics tend to be more modern.”

He added, “The restoration campaign focuses on directors primarily. In the case of the 33-year old ‘T-Bird at Ako,’ it’s vintage Danny Zialcita with his snappy dialogue and witty repartee. It’s also the last time that Nora and Vilma co-starred in a movie and with such a daring theme for its time.”

“T-Bird at Ako” tells the story of a sexy dancer (Santos) accused of homicide. She is defended by a female lawyer (Aunor) who tries to keep their relationship professional as the latter struggles with confusion as to her sexual preference.

Tbird scene

“T-Bird at Ako” is among the 75 films restored by ABS-CBN Film Archives, in collaboration with Central Digital Labs, since it started its restoration project in 2011. Some of these restored films were already screened internationally via film fests, screened locally via red carpet premieres, aired on free-to-air and cable television, viewed via pay-per-view and video-on-demand, distributed on DVD, and downloadable even on iTunes.

Watch out for the high definition version of “T-Bird at Ako” in select cinemas this March. For more information on ABS-CBN’s Film Restoration, like its Facebook page at

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  2. TV is a junior varsity team compared to ABS-CBN. There you go again, Briggs. I’ll send you money for your medication, if you can’t afford it. On second thought, maybe not. It’s gives many of us so much pleasure in finding amusement of your delusional episodes. Did your baby sitter drop you on the floor, when you were a baby? Bwahahaha!

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    Briggs aka Bruha … Ang Kamuning dapat kc mgtayo ng sariling cable company… kala ko ba Malaki kinikita eh san b napupunta?… Kahit balik baliktarin natin ang mundo alam ng mga executive kung NASAAN PA RIN ANG STATUS NILA against ABS… Status: Still Following the footsteps of ABS… tama b?… nialalayasan na nga ng mga talents at til now stuggle prin sila sa pgdevelop ng kanilang homegrown talents na wla prin halos napapatunayan…

  4. sa akin lang ba na yung thumbnails pic ko ay minions tapos ang caption nora-vilma starrer blah blah..kala ko tuloy mag voice over sila sa despecable me..naku mahihirapan sila kasi mga non englesira sila..yung konting english nila naku napick up lang nila sa mga lines nila ahahahha..



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    atleast may pakinabang ang abscbn on one of those businesses….sa dami ng negosyo nawiwindang ang credibility….jack of all trade…master of drama (lang)….

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    Briggs is taking fantard-ness to the extreme. He should see a pychiatrist.

    Anyway, looking forward to see this film in all its restored glory. Congrats ABS-CBN Film Archives! Job well done!

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    Proof, Briggs !!!

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