‘Shining Inheritance’ on GMA

The no. 1 Korean drama for 2009 premieres tonight on GMA telebabad.

Experience a spellbinding fairy tale night with the exciting new romantic series from Korea, “Shining Inheritance.”

“Shining Inheritance” is sweet, amusing and all-around heartwarming. It features the genuine affection among family members and couples alike. Viewers will effortlessly empathize with the modern-day Cinderella named Inna (Han Hyo Joo) who, after her father’s death, was thrown out by her wicked stepmother and stepsister.

Adding to her misfortune is her search for her autistic brother Nono (Eun Woo) who disappeared in the airport after he switched bags with an unknown person. Despite her life’s experiences, Inna continued to be compassionate. She nursed an old woman who suffers from temporary amnesia.

Fortunately for Inna, this woman turned out to be a CEO of a big restaurant chain. Then serving as Inna’s fairy godmother, the old woman makes Inna her heir and takes Inna to her palace where Inna meets an unlikely prince charming: Juan (name).

Can Cinderella indeed handle this unlikely Prince Charming? Find out on Shining Inheritance beginning tonight on GMA.

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