Karla Garcia and Jonathan Platero Didn’t Nail the Hip Hop

After topping last week's episode with an amazing contemporary routine, Karla Garcia and Jonathan Platero failed to keep the momentum for getting a dull hip hop routine this week.

Karla and Jonathan were choreographed by Dave Scott to the tune of “By My Side” by Jada Kiss feat. Ne-Yo. Scott describes the piece as a love story, with a gangsta feel.

Karla, who has a hip hop background, was able to get the moves right but Jonathan was not hitting it hard as he admitted that he isn’t the gangsta type. The choreography itself wasn’t exciting and it’s pretty dull for a hip hop routine.

Nigel said: “It feels like it’s been ironed out…no excitement in the routine…no danger in it. It wasn’t good enough. For me instead of gangsta, it was like a Sunday School picnic outing…you’re too good to be in the bottom three, but unless you bring it you’ll gonna be.”

Mary said: “Things weren’t synchronized, the chemistry didn’t feel like it was really powerful. Last week was one of the most amazing routines and the way that you danced it, of the season and it will stay strong by the end of the weeks to come. So it is a little bit hard right now. I know you are desperate to nail it…Maybe it’s just a small setback tonight but hopefull you’ll get another chance to prove yourself.”

Toni says: “Street has to have a groove and a funk, and if you’re gangsta and you don’t have the groove, it’s just gonna feel store bought…you gotta have the funk, you gotta have the hard hit and you gotta be together.”


Karla and Jonathan – Hip Hop

Melissa and Ade – Rumba

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