Karla and Jonathan Shine on So You Think You Can Dance

Our very own Karla Garcia with her partner Jonathan danced the contemporary on So You Think You Can Dance Top 18 performance night and they both killed it and left the judges spellbound.

Karla and Jonathan were choreographed by Stacey Tookey, a new addition to the SYTYCD USA family. Nigel said she was the best choreographer from SYTYCD Canada that’s why they brought her to the US.

Karla and Jonathan danced contemporary, Karla’s genre, to the tune of the Academy Award winning song “Falling Slowly” by The Frames. The piece is about two stranger that have an accidental meeting that have to deal with temptation.

Here’s what the judges said about their performance:

Mary: I have never said this in 5 seasons. Jonathan, you did that style better than your own. That is crazy, i mean, come on. Holy smoke! When we talk about growth on this show, this is only the second week. The two of you are the underdogs. Tonight, the light is just…whoa..whammed right on the two of you! That was amazing Oh my gosh…Karla how beautiful from the second you even started to move, the lines that you’ve made….Jonathan your feet, i mean, i’m just spellbound by the two of you!

Nigel: I couldn’t believe it because that center of gravity, Jonathan, that you had, it was almost like it was based on Tai Chi, there were no false moves. It was absolutely incredible how you both performed. Last week, you were both this close from being cut from the program. It was absolutely sensational!

Lil C: I thought you two danced it beautifully, i thought there was perfect balance there…i thought it was buck!

Even the host Cat Deeley said Karla and Jonathan’s was the first Deeley chills of the season.

VIDEO LINK: Karla and Jonathan – Contemporary – SYTYCD 5 Top 18

Big thanks to MJ’s Big Blog for the videos.

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