Adam Lambert is a Rock God, Danny Gokey is All Over the Place on Idol

Rock music is the theme on American Idol Top 4 Performance Night and it's a no-brainer that Adam Lambert rules!

On the other hand, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen are not in their element and it feels like, as if the producers are rooting for Adam and Allison for the finale for making “rock music” the theme this week.

As expected, Kris Allen and Danny Gokey didn’t deliver. Simon said Kris Allen’s rendition of “Come Together” by the Beatles is like “eating ice for lunch…leaves you nothing to remember.” The acid-tongued judge had this to say on Danny’s rendition of “Dream On”: “The last note was like watching a horror movie (referring to Friday the 13th)…it was a little over the top.”

Here are the Top 4 “Rock Music” performances:

Adam LambertWhole Lotta Love (click here to watch the video)

Allison IrahetaCry Baby (click here to watch the video)

Kris AllenCome Together (click here to watch the video)

Danny Gokey – Dream On (click here to watch the video)

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