‘Prinsipe ng Sabong’ Wins Worldfest Award in Houston

The indie film "Prinsipe ng Sabong" (Prince of Cockfighting) starring Gardo Versoza is set to receive a REMI Best Feature Award from the 42nd Worldfest-Houston Independent Film Festival.

“Prinsipe ng Sabong,” a film directed by Yeng Grande will receive the trophy on April 26 while the screening for “Prinsipe ng Sabong” is set for April 22, 2009 at 9 p.m. in Texas.

The movie which stars former sexy actors Gardo Verzosa, Katya Santos and Alan Paule.

Synopsis: This is the story of Joey…

Joey, an Actor who was very passionate in cockfighting (Cockfighting is the most popular national pastime in the Philippines). When Joey’s best gamecock lost to a unknown breed of gamecock named “prinsipe sabong”, he was frantic and livid. Joey could not work and lost appetite as an actor. He was obsessed with the identity of prinsipe sabong and its whereabouts.

He then quit showbiz. He decided to go back home to his province & look for that gamecock . It was rumoured to be bred in his Hometown. But no one could really tell.

Upon return, he was surprised to find out their house became like an orphange! His Father decided to adopt children. He was very much against it, but his brother was fine with it. The ruckus started. What made it worst is the pressence of Celine. Celine is the girlfriend of his brother, whom Joey later fell in love with.

Official Website: Prinsipe ng Sabong

Video Link: Prinsipe ng Sabong – Full Trailer

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